About the service

The Easy Way to Safe Driving

MotaGoGo is the new, easy way to assess tyre safety. MotaGoGo provides a convenient and FREE tyre check service, helping your tyres keep you safe on the road. Simply drive over one of our MotaGoGo scanners then register with us online to view your FREE personalised Tyre report.

We check your tread depth, so you don’t have to

Be honest, when was the last time you checked your tyre tread?
Checking tyre tread depth is one of the most important checks you can make on your vehicle, most of us rarely do it and some of us never do!

The bad news is that in wet driving conditions, low tread depth significantly increases the stopping distance of your vehicle. Insufficient tread depth can also cause your vehicle to aquaplane, reducing your ability to steer and control your vehicle. The new MotaGoGo free tyre check service means tyres need never be a problem again. Register with us now for peace of mind when it comes to tyres.

Fixing the tyre problems you don't know you have

Our service takes the guesswork out of tyre measurement. Our scanners use 3D measurement technology this is trusted by franchised dealers and garages around the world. MotaGoGo will highlight current or potential issues with your tread depth and connect you with one of our recomended tyre retailers. Our retailer will then fix any problems or replace worn tyres at a time that suits you.