Understanding your tyre report

A Personalised Tyre Report 

To view your free tyre report, register with MotaGoGo. Your Free MotaGoGo Tyre Report is personalised and accessible only to you.

Advice on what Action to Take

The general recommendation for any Motorist is to inspect their tyres on a regular basis for any damage or extreme wear, for example damage to sidewall or cords showing.

The MotaGoGo Tyre Report will always highlight uneven wear if detected, such as poor wheel alignment or an inflation issue. For tyres with tread depth being deeper than 4mm, no action is suggested at present but should still be monitored for wear and damage. If your tyres are between 2mm and 4mm, MotaGoGo advise you to closely monitor your tyre wear and possibly having the tyres replaced as wet stopping distance is effected . In the event that your tread depth is below 2mm, MotaGoGo advises you to urgently visit a recommended tyre retailer with a view to replacing the worn tyres.

The overall tyre recommendation may be different to the one presented for an individual tyre. For example if there is a large difference between the tyres on each side on the same axle, the service may recommend both tyres are replaced.

Colour-Coded, Easy to Understand Report

In your MotaGoGo Tyre Report, you can tap or click on the magnifying glass symbol next to each tyre tread image to zoom in to the detailed scan of each tyre. The enlarged view will display the tread depth measurements and any MotaGoGo recommendations to ensure you have safe tyres on your vehicle.

Stopping Distance

Your individual MotaGoGo Tyre Report contains a stopping distance indicator based on the tread depth of your current tyres. The stopping distance includes a thinking time of 0.67 seconds, this can add as much as 21 metres onto the braking distance at 70mph. The stopping distance is based on most worn tyre fitted to the vehicle travelling in wet conditions at 50mph.

Easy Check, Easy Fix!

If you need to replace worn tyres, or your MotaGoGo Tyre Report has highlighted a problem of uneven tyre wear. The report page allows you to enter a postcode to find your nearest tyre retailer.